LCHC Begins Clinic Remodel

The first phase of the clinic renovation at Lucas County Health Center (LCHC) is scheduled to begin on Monday, January 25th. In preparation for this remodel, many departments and offices have been relocated.
To allocate plenty of space for the remodel, the Infusion Clinic, Diabetes Education, and the Wound Clinic have been relocated to the east wing of the Med/Surg floor. Patients who utilize these services are asked to check-in at the front desk of the hospital prior to being directed to these temporary clinic locations. Patients who need assistance with transportation within the hospital (i.e. wheelchairs) will be assisted by a nurse.

Additionally, upper level parking near the clinics will be much more condensed as the remodel begins. Patients are asked to avoid parking in the small lot on the east side of LCHC Medical Clinic.

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