Spiritual Care

Due to COVID-19, we have temporarily suspended our Chaplain program.

Hospitalization can be a time of uncertainty and worry. Because personal faith for many people plays an important role in coping with illness and recovery, Lucas County Health Center strives to provide an environment in which patients feel comfortable practicing their faith.

All patients have the right to practice their own faith beliefs or to practice no personal faith while in the hospital. LCHC works to protect the rights and confidentiality of all patients with regard to spiritual matters.

If you have a personal faith and belong to a local congregation or faith group, we encourage you to inform your spiritual leaders or other faith representative about your hospital admission. Your own minister or another member of your congregation is welcome and encouraged to visit you and conduct activities such as spiritual counseling, communion, and prayer. If requested, members of the chaplaincy program will notify your congregation to assure they are aware of your presence at LCHC. Simply ask your primary care nurse to request a visit from the chaplain staff.

Meeting Your Needs

We see spiritual care as an integral and important part of your care. Chaplains are professionally trained individuals, uniquely prepared to provide spiritual care to our facility. As members of the healing team, chaplains are called upon to provide spiritual care to patients and their families. Chaplains also support staff spiritual needs and help build a culture that supports spiritual care as part of your overall health. Working with staff, volunteers, and local churches, chaplains ensure the spiritual needs of the organization are met.

Become A Chaplain

We are delighted you have an interest in serving our patients, facility, and community by giving your time, talents, and skills. Learn more about becoming a volunteer chaplain.


At any time, one of our volunteer chaplains is on-call and is available to you for support. A chaplain visit can be requested by notifying your attending nurse.

Chaplains are available to:

  • Listen
  • Comfort
  • Pray
  • Administer sacraments (Lord’s supper, baptism, anointing, etc.)
  • Notify your faith community (when requested)
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Meditation
  • Guided imagery
  • Patient/family ministry
  • End-of-Life care and support