Visitation Information

Due to COVID-19, additional visitor restrictions have been put in place. Read more here.

Lucas County Health Center encourages patients to have familiar support around them during times of stress and health uncertainty. We believe this helps in providing a comfortable environment and believe creating a relationship between patients, family, and staff.


  • Main entrance: Doors lock at 7 PM and unlock at 6 AM.
  • Emergency Room entrance: Doors lock at 11 PM and unlock at 5 AM.

Visitation Guidelines:

Age Restrictions: Children under the age of 15 who are visiting patient care areas must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Adult supervision is required to ensure that children do not disturb patients. Any problems occurring with disruptive children will be brought to the supervising adult’s attention and they may be asked to leave.

Isolation Patients: Visitors of patients in isolation must follow the instruction provided by infection control signage. Visitors may be restricted from visiting patients in isolation. This is for the safety of the patients, as well as the safety of the visitor. For the safety of everyone, visitors who fail to comply with isolation protocols may have visitation privileges revoked.

Other: Staff members may place additional limitations, based on the needs of the patient. Visitors who refuse to comply with requests will be asked to leave.

Visiting Hours:

Clinic/Specialty Clinic: No restrictions as long as visitors are not disruptive. Due to space limitations, we recommend only 1-2 visitors in the exam room.

Same Day Surgery: Due to the condensed area and the need for staff to move freely when tending to patients, we encourage only 1-2 visitors to accompany the patient.

Surgery/PACU: Visitors, family, and friends will not be permitted in the surgical/PACU area except when the patient’s condition is critical. On such an occasion, the clergy, close relatives or friends may be permitted to see the patient in the designated area for a small period of time, if the situation allows. No more than 2 people will be allowed to visit at a time unless approved by staff.

Med/Surg: Suggested visitation hours at 9 AM – 9 PM. One responsible person age 18 years and older will be allowed with each patient beyond visiting hours, if desired by the patient for comfort purposes. If a situation arises and a patient requests a younger responsible person to stay due to uncontrollable circumstances, such as language barrier, patient handicap, etc., it must be approved by the department manager.

Special Care Unit: Due to the specific medical needs of the patient, higher level of care being provided and physical limitations of the patient, the SCU visitation schedule is at the discretion of the provider and nursing staff.

Emergency Department: One support person is allowed to stay with the patient during the course of their stay. However, overall patient care, patient needs, and censes of the ED may require restrictions. Visitation will remain flexible at the discretion of the ED staff. All other visitors will be required to wait in the outpatient lobby and will not be allowed to stand or sit in the halls outside the treatment area or at the ED main desk.