Patient Accounts

Lucas County Health Center is dedicated to assisting our patients with:

  • Determining if their insurance will cover particular services
  • Providing prior authorization for procedures or tests performed at LCHC
  • Determining what programs are available to them for assistance (i.e. Medicaid, Hawk-I, Financial Assistance)
  • Providing itemization of charges upon request
  • Answering questions about their bills or making payment arrangements

To contact the LCHC Business Office with questions or to make payment arrangements, please contact us during business hours.

Price Transparency

Lucas County Health Center supports price transparency and is dedicated to provide useful financial information about charges and costs for our patients. This information is intended to assist you as you plan for your current or near-future healthcare needs. The standard charges shown in the required tables do not account for a patient’s insurance plan coverage, financial need, or any other factors that may affect the patient’s final costs.

Lucas County Health Center provides customized out-of-pocket cost estimates that take insurance and financial need into account. Patients may contact our Financial Counselor at 641-774-3201 to utilize this free service. It is also recommended that patients contact their health insurer to verify their estimated out-of-pocket costs as insurance plan coverage differs widely.

PLEASE NOTE: This list of standard charges is no indication of what your final cost will be. The charges listed do not represent payments or any specific/individual patient responsibility. Your financial responsibility will vary depending on your health insurance plan. Also, fees for doctor services, radiologist services, or anesthesia administration are not reflected in this list and will be billed separately by that provider.

Here is the link to Lucas County Health Center’s standard current charge information as of December 31, 2018:

Patient Statements

Statements for all services are outsourced to LCHC’s trusted partner, Avadyne Health, an Iowa-based leader in hospital receivables management.

This process involves accounts being sent to Avadyne immediately following insurance payment, and then Avadyne mailing a statement of the remaining balance due to the patients. By outsourcing to Avadyne, patients will see statements that are more user friendly and easier to read. Also, patients will be contacted by an Avadyne representative to ensure they understand their bill, answer any questions they may have, and help make payment plans more efficient.

Questions regarding this new process should be directed to Trenna Brown, Financial Counselor, or Angie Shriver, Business Office Manager, at (641) 774-3000.

Insurance Plans

Need insurance? Visit for insurance options.

Financial Assistance

LCHC understands that sometimes it’s difficult to pay medical bills. That is why we offer financial assistance to those who qualify. In order to apply for financial assistance, please download and complete our Financial Assistance Application. If you do not currently have insurance, you will also need to complete an Application for Health Coverage and Help Paying Costs. Once completed, please return the application with the required documentation (i.e. most recent filed tax returns, income documentation for past three months) to:

Lucas County Health Center

Attn: Financial Counselor
1200 N 7th Street
Chariton, IA 50049
(641) 774-3406