Snow Removal Bids – Vredenburg Center

Lucas County Health Center is now accepting bids for the 2021-2022 snow removal season for the grounds at the Vredenburg Center in Chariton, Iowa.

The job will include snow removal from entrances and parking lots at this location. Lucas County Health Center reserves the right to reject any and all bids associated with snow removal.

Vredenburg Center
Office Complex Completion
Areas to be cleared of snow: Time by:
1st All Driveways     6:00 AM
2nd Parking Lots     6:00am
3rd Main Entrances     5:30am
4th Sidewalks     5:30am
5th   School Loading zone     7:00am
  1. Contractor will be automatically expected to clear snow accumulations of 2 inches or more for drives. 1 inch of snow accumulation on walks and stairs.
  2. The Contractor shall visually inspect all curbs and grounds prior to the first snowfalls and take precautions to prevent damage to landscaping and other property.
  3. Equipment operators shall keep a safe distance away from all children, staff, patients, guests, and animals.
  4. Equipment operators shall take all precautions to prevent damage to property, windows, automobiles, etc.
  5. The equipment operator shall take all precautions not to damage turf (grass), trees, or shrubs.
  6. After the snow has been removed, apply adequate amounts of sand/salt mix to prevent accidents.
  7. Please provide separate cost for sand/salt product and application.
  8. All bids shall be total cost per hour per equipment.

All statements need to be itemized daily, equipment used per hour, and submitted monthly.

Insurance Requirements: Commercial general liability up to 1,000,000. Excess liability up to 1,000,000. Workers compensation and employers liability up to 500,000.

All bids need to include a list of equipment and a proof of insurance.


Send all bids to:
Steve Adams
Lucas County Health Center
1200 North 7th Street
Chariton, IA 50049
(641) 774-3228