Recover With Us

You've been in the hospital and it's time to begin the journey home. No matter where you had your hospital stay for surgery, stroke, or other illness, LCHC's Skilled Care is available to help you regain your previous health and to help assist you with a safe transition back to home. The Skilled Care Team as LCHC works closely with physicians to offer a safe, monitored environment for patients. In private, home-like rooms, you will receive individualized attention and care plans that may include medications, nutritional consultation, as well as physical, occupational, speech, or other therapies.


Rooms are equipped with sleeping accommodations in order to allow a loved one to stay with you. Plus there is ample room for visitors when you feel up to having Company. If hospitalized elsewhere, speak with your discharge planner or social worker helping with your hospital discharge and ask them to contact LCHC to discuss the option of receiving your skilled care closer to home.