Quick Tips For a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving

In just a few short weeks, the holiday season will begin and that means food and lots of it! This month I’m sharing some quick tips for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

  1. Include your favorite dishes. Always include the foods you love most this time of year, just be aware of proper portion sizes. Mealtimes should be enjoyable!
  2. Avoid skipping meals. Simply put, you’ll eat more later if you skip meals earlier in the day. Many people will ‘save up’ their calories for the big Thanksgiving meal, but oftentimes this will backfire-causing overeating, discomfort, and feelings of guilt.
  3. Hydrate. When you think you are ready for your second helping, stop and ask yourself how much water you have consumed. Often times we mistake our thirst for hunger.
  4. Remember MyPlate-half of your plate should be vegetables and fruit. Try using a smaller plate!
  5. Plan ahead. Bring your own healthy dish and a water bottle, plan a time to exercise, and eat smaller meals/snacks throughout the day.

Try this healthier alternative to the traditional sweet potato casserole!

The information is not intended as medical advice. Please consult a medical professional for individual advice.