National Midwifery Week

Written by Sharon Squibb, MS, CNM, ARNP

What a great time to be a midwife! I am beginning to see a new understanding of our role in normal labor and birth. Around the world, midwives are accepted as the provider of choice for low risk birth. In years past, the United States has been behind on that realization. That is changing now. For years, we’ve been the birth experts with an unmatched level of safety. According to recent research by “The Lancet” in 2014 Nurse-Midwives provide safe care; decrease the C-section rate and promote higher levels of patient satisfaction. Midwives function best as part of a team of highly trained birth professionals. In other words, research is now supporting what women across the world have long known!

Although I see women of all ages with all types of concerns; my specialty is pregnancy care. For 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women understand the miraculous changes their body is going through during their pregnancy. Although safety of mom and baby is my number one concern, I actively work to help each woman achieve the type of birth that they want. I take the time to get to know you and your partner and help tailor your experience to the individual person.

Lucas County Health Center has so much to offer, too! With beautiful, up-to-date, modern birthing suites, you truly feel like you’re in a home away from home. Our luxurious Jacuzzi tubs with spray showers allow you to labor in water, providing pain relief and allowing you to relax. We have so many options to help support the labor process: birthing balls, peanut balls, squat bars & more. All of that plus our family sitting area (complete with loveseat and dining table) our suites are truly the perfect environment to experience the miracle of birth.

At LCHC you are the focus of our care, not just one of many women who are delivering that day. Whether you want an epidural or a more natural labor experience, our staff of trained Labor and Delivery nurses provides you the one-on-one care you deserve! As you progress through you labor, you don’t have to worry about staff switching shifts and stressing about your care team member’s names. You truly get to know your nurse and delivery team. At our facility, we want to make you feel like a queen and help you dreams to come true!