Molly Knaus Named Employee of the Quarter

For going “above & beyond” in the best interest of Lucas County Health Center, Molly Knaus became the most recent recipient of the Employee of the Quarter Award.

Molly consistently practices our Core Values when interacting with others. Some examples are:

  • Stewardship: She works very efficiently and ensures that patients’ needs are taken care of. She is always available and reliable for tasks that need completed.
  • Excellence: She has very good nursing skills and stays current on our every change and healthcare trends and processes. She is a good resource to other nurses in our clinic to go to and is always help and goes beyond expectations for patient care.
  • Dignity: She is trusted and respected by the providers and staff in the clinic. The compassionate care she provides stands out. She is a very considerate person and is very kind and helpful to patients.
  • Hospitality: She is consistently kind to everyone and demonstrates a willingness to help others in need, be it her co-workers, providers or the patients she cares for. She is always warm and friendly to patients.
  • Integrity: She is a model of professionalism. She is honest, fair, and a person of her word. She is always professional in her appearance and actions.
  • Teamwork: She goes above and beyond to help others. She will check with her co-workers if she has any downtime and often will tackle tasks to help others. She always works with her co-workers in a helpful, supportive manner.

Molly was described as an excellent nurse who provides top notch care. She has a calm manner that puts others at ease and always promotes a positive atmosphere. She has a great can-do attitude and a willingness to always help others.

Congratulations on a job well done, Molly!