Lucas County Health Center’s Community Benefit Exceeded $4.5 Million in 2021

A study by the Iowa Hospital Association found that, in 2021, Lucas County Health Center provided more than $4.5 million in total community benefits, including charity care and bad debt, and served more than 7,500 people. The study also found that LCHC employed more than 410 people and provided more than $21.5 million in wages.

IHA compiled data for the study from the American Hospital Association’s annual survey of hospitals, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Bureau of Economic Analysis. IHA used Regional Input-Output Modeling System multipliers to calculate the data, which includes statewide, hospital-specific and county totals. IHA also conducted a separate survey, compiling hospital-submitted data about Iowa hospital community-benefit programs and services.

Community benefits are activities to improve the health status and increase access to health care. Besides uncompensated care and charity care, community benefits include health screenings, support groups, counseling, immunizations, nutrition services and transportation programs. These efforts, with IHA’s advocacy, help ensure the financial stability of hospitals, making it possible for them to provide the services and programs most-needed by their communities.