LCHC Staff Complete Shaken Baby Syndrome Training

Staff at Lucas County Health Center recently completed training on Shaken Baby Syndrome and the prevention of traumatic brain injuries. This training allows the medical professionals to educate families seen in the Emergency Department on the Period of PURPLE Crying.

The Period of PURPLE Crying usually begins around two weeks and can continue through four months of age. During this period, it may seem like infants are resistant to soothing. Increased periods of inconsolable crying may form a pattern and can be frustrating. Though an infant may act as they hurting, it is unlikely they are experiencing any pain. This period is temporary and an infant is usually healthy, normal and developing correctly.

Lucas County Health Center is committed to helping prevent traumatic brain injuries. All staff members viewed a webinar provided by Blank Children’s Hospital in partnership with the Iowa Department of Public Health. The facility was then provided DVD players and copies of an educational video to share with families.

All families who bring children two years or younger to the Emergency Department will be shown the video while waiting for care. An Emergency Department nurse or medic will then reinforce the information and provide a copy of the Period of PURPLE Crying video to share with grandparents, babysitters and others. The information provided to each family includes ways to comfort your crying baby, what to do when crying becomes frustrating and why shaking a baby is dangerous.