LCHC Sees Spike in Birth Rates

While many rural hospitals are struggling to keep their OB departments open, Lucas County Health Center (LCHC) saw an increase in the number of babies born within its walls.

During the month of February, LCHC delivered 10 babies, a 60% increase compared to the four babies born in February 2015.

“This is the highest amount of births we have had in a long time,” says Rene Fetters, OB Nurse Manager. “We usually see a spike every few months, but nothing as high as this.”

To add to that, the month of March is expected to bring 12 mothers and babies to LCHC’s Obstetrics (OB) department.

“We are unique in the fact that our patients are allowed to see the same provider for the entirety of their pregnancy – from prenatal care to delivery and into postpartum care. Not many hospitals offer that anymore and I think the patients we serve find comfort and reassurance knowing who is going to be in the delivery room with them,” says Sharon Squibb, Certified Nurse Midwife.

LCHC’s OB department boasts state-of-the-art three-room delivery suites, complete with whirlpool tub, wood floors and the comforts of home. Additionally, OB patients at LCHC are given the opportunity to enroll in prenatal classes, tour the OB facility prior to delivery, and more.

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