LCHC Receives ServiShare Safety Spotlight Award

Lucas County Health Center (LCHC) is proud to announce its receipt of the ServiShare Safety Spotlight Award for its “Hear It, Clear It” program. This recognition highlights the hospital’s unwavering commitment to patient safety and its proactive approach to addressing critical issues within healthcare settings.

The “Hear It, Clear It” initiative was born out of a pressing concern regarding patient falls in the Med/Surg department, which had seen multiple incidents in the preceding months. In response, Lucas County Health Center’s Safety Committee embarked on an extensive research endeavor, dedicating weeks to identifying and implementing effective solutions.

“We realized that to truly tackle this issue, we needed to engage every member of our team, regardless of their role within the hospital,” said Cameron Storm, Med/Surg Manager.

The “Hear It, Clear It” policy is designed to empower all staff members, from housekeeping to senior administration, to respond promptly to patient needs. It outlines specific tasks that every team member can perform upon hearing a bed or chair alarm, emphasizing shared responsibility and the importance of swift action in ensuring patient safety.

“By involving each member of our team in this initiative, we communicate to our patients and visitors that their safety remains our highest priority,” added Storm.

By encouraging all staff members to play an active role in addressing patient needs, Lucas County Health Center has created a culture of vigilance and compassion within its facilities.

The ServiShare Safety Spotlight Award recognizes outstanding initiatives like “Hear It, Clear It” that demonstrate excellence in promoting safety and quality of care within healthcare organizations. Lucas County Health Center is honored to receive this prestigious accolade and remains dedicated to continuing its efforts to enhance patient safety and well-being.