LCHC Medical Clinic Now Offering Appointments From Home


In response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), LCHC Medical Clinic is proud to offer medical appointments to safely connect our community with our providers.

These new appointments offer patients a convenient and safe way to make and keep appointments without having to physically go to the clinic. It is great for minor health conditions and provides access to many of the same services you receive during an in-person appointment, including symptom monitoring, diagnosis and treatment, prescriptions, and other medical services.

What are these new appointment types?

LCHC is now offering both telephone and telehealth appointments. These are often referred to as virtual appointments.

What is a telehealth appointment?

Telehealth appointments give patients the opportunity to video chat with their provider. This can be accomplished using a smart device, smart phone, tablet, or computer with camera.

What if I don’t have a smart device?

Then a telephone appointment may be right for you! Telephone appointments give patients the opportunity to chat with their provider via telephone.

How do I schedule a telehealth or telephone appointment?

When you call to make an appointment, ask about our telehealth or telephone services. Our staff will determine whether your medical needs require an in-person office visit or a telehealth/telephone appointment. At that time, we will set up an appointment that best meets your needs.

How will I be billed for a telehealth/telephone appointment?

Telehealth/telephone appointments will be billed to your insurance. Some insurance companies are waiving patient responsibility amounts (copay, coinsurance, deductible) and are allowing telehealth/telephone appointments to be a temporarily covered service, but you should contact your insurance plan for policy specifics.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

There are several things you can do in advance to get the most out of your telehealth/telephone appointment and ensure it goes smoothly. These include:

  • Making a list of your current symptoms, when they started, and how severe they are.
  • Keeping track of your health data, such as temperature or blood pressure, if applicable.
  • Making a list of any chronic conditions you have and medications you are on.
  • Preparing a list of questions for your provider.
  • Having a pen and paper ready in case you want/need to take notes during your appointment.
  • Also make sure your smart device is fully charged.

What conditions can be addressed via telehealth/telephone?

Some examples of conditions for telehealth/telephone appointments are: allergies, colds, coughs, and follow-up visits. Telehealth/telephone appointments are not appropriate for emergency conditions, such as shortness of breath, severe abdominal pain, severe bleeding, or urgent conditions like sprains, falls, or cuts needing stitches. If you believe you have an emergency medical condition, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department.

What else do I need to know?

When you call us we will need to confirm that you are at least 18 years of age and that you have had at least one face-to-face visit with us. We will read a standard disclaimer and you will be asked to verbally consent to receive treatment over the phone. This consent will be documented in your medical record.

Can I still come in to the clinic for an appointment?

Yes! LCHC wants our patients to know that it is safe to come on-site for services. We have additional precautions in place to ensure patient and staff safety.

For more information, call LCHC Medical Clinic at (641) 774-8103 or visit