Karmel Kemper Named Employee of the Quarter

For going “above & beyond” in the best interest of Lucas County Health Center, Karmel Kemper became the most recent recipient of the Employee of the Quarter Award.

Using our Core Values of Stewardship, Excellence, Dignity, Hospitality, Integrity, and Teamwork, LCHC reviews the nominations and selects the employee who consistently practices these values. Karmel’s full nomination read:

Stewardship:  She is one of the most knowledgeable nurses I have met. Always knows the correct tests to run, and where to find anything, and is valuable in many different ways than just a provider’s nurse.  She even moved to a receptionist position when we were short of help!

Excellence:  She is so kind to her patients and ensures she builds a bond and listens to each and every patient and allows them to voice all of their concerns.  Her patients love her.

Dignity:  She is always willing to help out her coworkers.  I can not count the amount of times she has assisted me when she sees I am overwhelmed or very busy.  She takes time out of her day to always say good morning to all of her coworkers, listens to any concerns on a bad day, and makes all of her coworkers feel appreciated.  She never needs to be asked to give a helping hand.  She is just there.

Hospitality:  As I stated above, she is the first to tell you good morning and the first to attempt to get to know you on a personal level, which makes a new nurse coming in feel so welcomed and valued.  She will go out of her way to ask you how your day is going and make sure you know you are appreciated.

Integrity:  She is one of the most professional nurses I have ever met, with her patients.  She ensures she builds a bond and that they trust her, but she does it in a professional manner.  She speaks to everyone in a calm manner and never has a disrespectful or judgmental tone to her voice.

Teamwork:  As I stated above, she is the first person to give a helping hand and the last person to leave for the day.  If someone still has work to do, she will jump in without being asked and clean your room for you, run a test for you, or room a patient if you are busy, all while dealing with her own schedule and her own patients.

Other Comments:  She is kind, respectful, compassionate, and so helpful.  She makes a new nurse feel comfortable and is the first person I go to when I have any questions because I know that even if she is busy, she will help me in any way she can.  She is knowledgeable about everything in this position and always has the answer.  If she doesn’t know, she will do her very best to find the answer for you.  She is one of the most respectable nurses I have ever worked with and I feel she deserves to be recognized for that.

Congratulations and thank you for your dedication, Karmel!