Healthy University to Offer Babysitter Training

Lucas County Health Center (LCHC)  and Chariton Kiwanis are partnering to host a “Babysitter Training” course on Monday, July 18 from 9 AM – 5 PM in the Education Room at LCHC.

This event, which is completely free of charge, is designed for students ages 12 and older to prepare them to be better babysitters. Topics include how to care for infants and children, how to stay safe, what to do in an emergency, how to choose age-appropriate activities, and basic first aid. Students will also learn the basics of starting a babysitting business. This course consists of interactive modules featuring video, activities, games, and tools babysitters can use to build their knowledge and skills to manage their business.

Space is limited and registration is required. Interested individuals can register on LCHC’s website or via LCHC’s Facebook page.

This course is made possible by the BNSF Railway Foundation.  


For more information or to register, visit or call Jena Wiley, Marketing Director, at 641-774-3219.