Dr. Kenneth Anderson Named IOMA Physician of the Year

The Iowa Osteopathic Medical Association (IOMA) has recognized Kenneth Anderson, DO as the 2024 IOMA Physician of the Year. This award honors physicians who give selflessly to patients, community, the profession, and posterity. Recipients of this award have demonstrated exemplary contributions to society and/or the profession.

Dr. Anderson was nominated for his dedication to his patients and his community by Dr. Greg Cohen. Cohen stated,

“He has practiced Osteopathic medicine in Chariton and Humeston Iowa for nearly 40 years. He has served as board member and President of the Iowa Chapter ACOFP and been a vital, generous member of our Southern Iowa community. Our hospital and medical clinic are still here providing excellent care because of his vision to recruit and partner with leadership in Lucas County more than 30 years ago.

He led our community hospital medical staff through the pandemic showing creativity, flexibility, courage, common sense, and self-sacrifice. Even in his 70s, he continues to lead as our medical director and continues to practice medicine in the clinic he created for Lucas County Health Center.”

In acknowledging Dr. Anderson’s impact, Brian Sims, CEO of Lucas County Health Center, stated, “We are incredibly proud to have Dr. Anderson as part of our team. His dedication to his patients and our community is unmatched and stands as a testament to his exceptional career.”

IOMA is pleased to present this award to such an outstanding individual. Congratulations to the 2024 Physician of the Year, Dr. Kenneth Anderson.

About IOMA

The Iowa Osteopathic Medical Association, founded in 1898 and headquartered in West Des Moines, proudly represents osteopathic physicians in Iowa. There are approximately 1,200 osteopathic physicians practicing in Iowa. There are approximately 135,000 D.O.s in the United States practicing in all areas of medicine from neurology to sports medicine to dermatology to emergency medicine. As complete physicians, D.O.s are able to prescribe medication and perform surgery. In addition, D.O.s have added training in Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT), a hands-on treatment tool that they can use to diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses. OMT can be used in conjunction with and sometimes in place of medication or surgery to restore mobility and function.