Cohen Delivers First Generational Baby of His Career

Dr. Greg Cohen has delivered more than 600 babies during his career at Lucas County Health Center, but the end of 2016 brought him a new experience – delivering a second generation baby.

Twenty-two years ago, Cohen moved to Chariton and began his practice at Lucas County Health Center (LCHC.) He and his partners were working to build up his practice, which (for him) included delivering babies.

Fast forward to May 1997. He was at LCHC delivering a baby to the White family – a beautiful baby girl who would be named Keatyn.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Cohen was at LCHC, once again, delivering a baby. But this was the baby of the baby he delivered almost twenty years ago – the first time in his career he would be delivering a second-generation baby.

“Dr. Cohen was there for my mom when she delivered me and I knew he was the right choice to guide me through my pregnancy. I felt comfortable knowing that he knew what he was doing and hearing that cry for the first time was the best feeling in the world,” said Keatyn.

On December 29, 2016 Dr. Cohen delivered a bouncing baby boy, Aiden William Brant, to Keatyn White and Chisolm Brant.

“It’s a special thing to get to help multiple generations come into this world. I held mom when she first entered the world and was able to be there for her when she grew up. Besides being a career milestone, this is a testament to a longevity of trust and history with this family and the quality and professionalism of our OB team,” said Cohen.

Dr. Cohen continues to deliver babies and sees OB patients in LCHC’s Chariton Clinic. To learn more about him or the services he offers, visit