Ben Shelton Named Employee of the Quarter

Lucas County Health Center (LCHC) is pleased to announce that Ben Shelton, Paramedic, has been named the most recent recipient of the Employee of the Quarter award.

Shelton was recognized for:

  • Having a calming effect on patients and giving them a sense of comfort when he arrives at their side
  • Striving to provide the safest and best care to patients
  • Being someone who is frequently requested by community members
  • Encouraging teamwork and continuity of care, not only in the hospital, but in other facilities as well
  • Being a prime example of what an emergency service employee should be
  • Always helping new employees feel welcome and being a comfort to staff on rough days
  • Reaching out to offer help during times when extra people may be needed, even when he’s not on the clock

Congratulations, Ben, and thank you for everything you do for LCHC and our community!