Amy McCurdy Named Recipient of Employee of the Year Award

Amy McCurdy, Chief Clinical Officer at LCHC, was the recipient of the 2019 Employee of the Year Award at Chariton Area Chamber/Main Street’s Annual Celebration held on Friday, June 7.

Chamber/Main Street Past President and Promotions Committee member Tammy Brink spoke about the Employee of the Year Award.

“The Employee of the Year Award recognizes an employee who continually shows exceptional work performance, exemplifies company values, and always shows up with a great attitude. We would like to recognize all the Employee of the Year nominations and companies who went above and beyond to recognize them,” said Brink.

The nominees for the 2019 Employee of the Year Award were McCurdy and Chris Parrish and Brenda Mullen, both of whom work at Family Shoe in Chariton. The nominations were sent in to the Main Street Iowa staff to select the recipient.

“This year’s winner, Amy McCurdy, is described as a kind, caring person with strong leadership and organizational skills, which has helped her achieve success in her roles as a valued registered nurse, manager, and currently as Chief Clinical Officer at LCHC. She leads by example with a positive, cheerful attitude and always has a smile on her face,” Brink said.