Healthy University: Hail To The Victor In You

September 25, 2021 - 9:12 am

Saturday, September 25
Check-in: 10:30 AM
Seminar: 11 AM
Lunch provided – registration required!

As a Registered Nurse and former Licensed Massage Therapist, Tracy Lowry has 15+ years of experience managing patient’s physical pain and healing. Now she has dedicated her life to helping others heal their EMOTIONAL pain! Although life has been a “School of Hard Knocks”, she found her true passion for sharing how she turned her tragedy into triumph!

Tracy overcame sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, abandonment, suicidal ideation, death of close loved ones, rape, threats on her and her loved one’s life, divorce, multiple miscarriages, major vehicle accident, debilitating health conditions, head trauma, left at the altar, severe anxiety & depression, PTSD, Complex PTSD, and so much more!

After healing decades of her own pain and traumas, she now dedicates her life to helping others find the victor within themselves! She uses her multiple stages and pages to spread inspiration and hope! Tracy loves doing live events and workshops, produces her own podcast show, online course, and her brilliant workbook, “Hail To The Victor In YOU”, have all given her the ability to touch lives all over the globe.

Tracy also has more solo and co-author publications becoming available soon. Her podcast, “Hail To The Victor In You”, focuses on Post Traumatic Stress, Abuse, Abandonment, Self-help, and Mental Wellness, reaching listeners and viewers worldwide. In her spare time, Tracy enjoys being with her son Corbin, mini-Aussie, and loved ones in southern and Iowa, traveling, the great outdoors, being in the water, watching sports, and always eager to learn!


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