Facility Master Plan

Lucas County Health Center is thrilled to be addressing the needs of our community and investing in the future of healthcare in Lucas County.

Leadership Team and Board of Trustees have been diligently working on a Facility Master Plan, but our nation is drastically different than it was four years ago when the project began. We’ve seen a significant cost increase in construction materials, supply chain issues have radically amplified, and economic conditions of the world have shifted. For these reasons, we’ve decided to pause our current Facility Master Plan and will continue to focus on employee retention and satisfaction. (As of July 1, 2022)

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Project Information

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the timeline like for the project?

There are still a lot of details that need to be worked out for the project to begin. The basics of the timeline are:

  • Now through March 2022: Pre-Design, including approval of design services, USDA financing, site survey
  • March-August 2022: Schematic Design, including design workshops, peer tours, public forums
  • June-November 2022: Design Development, including design mockups
  • November 2022 – March 2023: Construction Documents, including USDA review and approval, city and state review
  • April – July 2023: Bidding process
  • August 2023: Construction begins (length of construction to be determined)

When will construction start?

If all goes according to plan, construction is expected to begin August 2023.

When will the project be completed?

From the time construction begins, the project is expected to take 66 months to complete. Construction will be done in four phases.

Why did we choose the “expand in place” option over the other options?

There were several factors that led to this option being selected, including:

  • Our priorities would be addressed in Phase 1
    • Priorities include: Expanding rural health clinic and specialty clinic, improving surgical services, enhancing emergency services, and creating a centralized registration area
  • It is the most patient friendly between phasing and during construction
  • Most adaptable in terms of aligning facility with affordability

Who is working on this project?

Our Facility Master Plan team consists of:

  • LCHC staff: Phil Shealey, Jay Christensen, Lori Johnson, JoBeth Lawless, Dr. Anderson, Amy McCurdy, Stephanie Bear, and Calvin Dyer
  • Invision Architecture: Becky Hansel, Principal/Planner and Cally Niess, Project Architect
  • Bluestone Engineering: Rich Larson, Engineering Principal and Mitch McColloch, Mechanical Engineer

Did we vote on this?

Because no public funding is being requested, a vote was not necessary.

As a patient/visitor, how will I know where to go during construction?

Our patient experience is our top priority. During construction, we will have an abundance of signage to assist with wayfinding as well as designated staff members to guide patients and visitors through the facility.

Are we still going to offer educational classes to staff and the community?

Yes, we believe this is an important part of our mission and will still offer educational classes to our staff and community. They may, however, be offered in alternate locations within the facility or even offsite.

Will the issues in the parking lot be addressed?

Yes, repairing and replacing the parking lot will be addressed within this project.

Will I have to drive to another town for appointments during construction?

No, our patients have been and continue to be top priority during this project. We will continue to provide services through construction.

Will this increase my property taxes?

Property taxes will not be raised in relation to this project.

What is being remodeled, demolished, and built?

Our Facility Master Plan team has chosen the “expand-in-place” option which has a combination of demolition for a portion of the building, building new additions, and remodeling the remaining portions. (Note: To best understand what is being demolished, built, and remodeled, please refer to the plans located on Workplace.)


Current plans are:

  • Demolish:
    • Upper level: Administration Hallway, Education Room, Sleep Rooms, Health Information, Clinic,
    • Lower level: Laundry, Materials, IT, Accounting, Conference Room B, Training Rooms, etc.
    • Other: Main entrance canopy
  • Remodel:
    • Surgery – converting to ER, moving ambulance garage
    • Radiology – expanding to current Lab and portion of ER
    • Lab – Moving to portion of ER
    • Med/Surg – remodel

What will keep LCHC from remodeling again after this is done?

Because of the amount of planning going into this project, we expect there will not need to be major renovations anytime soon.

Will this increase the cost of services at Lucas County Health Center?

No. LCHC is committed to providing quality, affordable care to our community.

How is LCHC paying for this?

LCHC has been in conversation with financial advisors and are working toward the best solution for our long-term capital needs. We have met with multiple financial advisors to get competitive proposals and are confident the financing will support the project.

What’s wrong with the current building?

Our current building has a large number of issues that need addressed, many of which would come with high costs. Some issues are:

  • Non-functioning elevator
  • Parking lot in poor condition
  • Multiple entrances creating security issues
  • Non-ADA entrances
  • Poor overall infrastructure across the building, including doors, windows, roofing, and more
  • Undersized departments, including medical clinic, with inability to expand
  • Lack of privacy due to thin walls and lack of barriers

Will we be getting new/additional services?

The new facility will allow us to expand our current services, including:

  • Bringing on more providers in our medical clinic to increase access to care for the community
  • Bringing on additional specialists in our specialty clinic
  • Expanding our surgical services, reducing the need for travel to get surgery
    • New additions: Orthopedic surgery, GYN surgery

How will this affect the care I receive?

Patients may find they are using alternate entrances, different hallways, etc. throughout construction, but our top priority will continue to be providing you with quality care.

What departments will be moved?

Most departments will be relocated in some capacity. The new building plan creates a better flow for our patients, moves patient care departments closer together, and requires less travel throughout the facility. Departments will not be moved until their new “home” is ready for patients.

Will this interrupt any services?

We do not expect long periods of interruption. We may occasionally need time to get equipment moved, but do not expect any major delays.