Arm Yourself

The goal of our #ArmYourself campaign is to improve vaccine confidence by educating residents about the importance of vaccinations and encouraging them to schedule an appointment to get up-to-date on their immunizations.

The #ArmYourself campaign includes any and all vaccinations for all age groups, including MMR, Hepatitis, DTaP, and more. Anyone who schedules an appointment and receives a vaccination will receive a gift as part of our #ArmYourself incentive program.

  • Children ages 5 and under: Stuffed animal (variety of choices)
  • Children ages 6 to 17: $10 Vision II Theatre Gift Card
  • Adults ages 18 and over: $25 HyVee Gift Card

Furthermore, to assist our patients with getting to and from the facility, LCHC has partnered with 10-15 Transit to sponsor “free ride” days within our county.

Free ride days are:

  • Mondays through August 31st
  • Wednesdays through August 31st
  • Fridays through August 31st

If you’re unable to utilize our Free Ridedays, we will gladly provide you with a voucher to cover the cost of your ride.  To claim your voucher, please call (641) 774-8103.

Recommended Vaccinations By Age:


Importance of Vaccines

Vaccines play an important role in keeping us healthy by protecting us from serious and sometimes deadline diseases. A vaccine works by stimulating your immune system to produce antibodies, exactly like it would if you were exposed to the disease. After getting vaccinated, you develop immunity to that disease, without having to get the disease first. Unlike most medicines, which treat or cure diseases, vaccines prevent them

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why vaccinate?
There is no cure for some of these illnesses and all may cause tremendous health problems, disability, and even death. Vaccines are one of the safest medical products available. They are effective, and can prevent the suffering and costs associated with these preventable diseases.
What do these vaccines cost?
Out-of-pocket costs for vaccines vary depending on insurance coverage. Check with your healthcare provider or clinic and your health insurance plan to determine your costs. For people on Medicare, influenza, pneumococcal, and hepatitis B vaccinations are fully paid for by Medicare Part B if your healthcare provider accepts Medicare approved payment. The shingles vaccine and Td/Tdap are covered under Medicare Part D so costs to individuals will vary based on their particular plan.
Are vaccines safe?
Vaccines are held to the highest standard of safety. The United States currently has the safest, most effective vaccine supply in history. Years of testing are required by law before a vaccine can be licensed. Once in use, vaccines are continually monitored for safety and effectiveness. However, like any medication, vaccines can cause side effects. Most are minor and include soreness where the vaccine was given or a low-grade fever. These are normal and should be expected as the body builds immunity. Serious reactions are rare. Any questions or concerns should be discussed with your health care provider. 
What if I want to learn more about my vaccinations?
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