Michael Webb, AuD


Dr. Michael Kent Webb joined ASI in September of 2011. As a child, Dr. Webb told his father Dr. Kent Webb that he wanted to be an Audiologist so he could join ASI and eventually take over the practice.

“Once I realized I wasn’t going to be the next Michael Jordan,” says Dr. Michael Webb, “Working with my father at ASI became my goal.”

“The two best parts about working at ASI are having the abilities to help maintain or improve a person’s quality of life with hearing aid technology that continues to improve by leaps and bounds,” Dr. Webb continues. “Specific hearing losses and severe speech understanding problems now have solutions due to the advancement in technology. If a person likes helping people and technology, Audiology and provider treatment for hearing loss is a great profession!”

Dr. Webb would like others to know that ASI was founded with the goal to provide easy access to hearing healthcare in the small Iowa communities like it’s found, Dr. Kent Webb, was born in. ASI prides itself on having long-term team members and patients who help explain why ASI obtains over 50% of its new patients from a current patient referral of a friend of family member.”

To make an appointment with Dr. Webb, call (712) 623-4802.