Lucas County Health Center is proud to offer a state-of-the-art OB facility, offering you and your family an even greater birth experience. Expectant parents may await the arrival of their new baby in the comfort of beautifully appointed three-room delivery suites with plenty of space for visiting family and friends. There is also a wonderful whirlpool spa in each room to help make your delivery as relaxing as possible. Complete with wood floors, oak and cherry cabinetry, as well as the comforts of home, each birth occurs under the skillful watch of highly trained medical professionals who specialize in obstetric care.


The following providers deliver babies at Lucas County Health Center:

Greg Cohen, DO

Family Medicine, OB

Philip Sundquist, MD


Sharon Squibb, CNM, ARNP, NCMP

Nurse Practitioner, Midwife

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Patient Experience Stories

When you make a commitment to provide quality, family-centered care, good things happen. At Lucas County Health Center, we are proud of the positive experiences shared by our patients.

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April Moore

Delivered her son, Cason, at LCHC

“I had a wonderful first experience with LCHC’s Midwife, Sharon! The fact that I got to see the same person for my prenatal care and during my delivery was something that helped me feel at ease. The OB nurses were wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”

Kristi & Kevin Comstock

Delivered their son, Leo, at LCHC

“Our experience at Lucas County Health Center tops our first delivery experience at another facility ten-fold. Our nurses were very accommodating and provided us with a very relaxed environment. We never felt pressured and were happy with our more natural environment. We also loved the fact that Dr. Sundquist let Kevin assist with delivering our son, Leo. We would recommend both Dr. Sundquist and LCHC over and over again!”

Sara Bethards

Delivered her daughter, Della, at LCHC

“This was our third experience with Dr. Cohen. I’ve always felt well taken care of and relaxed. I loved the fact that we had the same nurse and provider with all three of our deliveries!”

Obstetrics Tour

Online Nursery

Meet our newest arrivals at LCHC! As a service offered to our OB patients, we will take photos of your newborn during the first days of life to help you capture the joy of their arrival. Photos may be taken of your infant alone, or, with your family and/or siblings. If you would like to have special items (i.e. hair bows, baby blankets, special outfits) used in photographing your baby, please bring them with you to the hospital.

The photo session is free and you can expect to receive your CD in the mail 4-6 weeks after delivery.

Please note – photos taken by LCHC will only be posted to LCHC’s online nursery with your consent. Upon admission to LCHC’s OB department, you will be given the opportunity to complete a form either consenting or declining permission for LCHC to publish your baby/family photos to our online nursery.


Good parenting begins with good obstetric care. At Lucas County Health Center, we strive to go above and beyond to provide the level of care needed for a healthy pregnancy and a confident delivery. On this page, you will find various resources to help you navigate this exciting time in your life.