Community Health Needs Assessment Results

Every 5 years, Lucas County Health Center completes a Community Health Needs Assessment.

For the 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), Lucas County Health Center and Lucas County Public Health agreed it would be in the best interest of both organizations to complete a joint assessment.

Together, these two organizations are dedicated to addressing the health needs of the citizens in our county. Our advocacy and outreach efforts are based on the documented needs of our patient population. By collecting data, we are able to determine our partnerships and goals from a resource, education, and delivery standpoint and establish evaluation points to measure success.

With more than 140 surveys analyzed, the 2016 CHNA identified the following as Lucas County’s top health concerns:

  1. obesity
  2. mental health
  3. joint/back pain
  4. transportation
  5. need for additional providers/physicians

Read more about the methodology of this study by downloading the entire report.